"Cherry Pie under HLG 550 R-Spec" cannabis grow diary (journal). 2 years ago. Its dense buds are covered with orange hairs and a touch of purple hue. "Cherry Pie under HLG 550 R-Spec" cannabis grow diary (journal). looking like some fresh fire ! As this was my first run with them I can’t really say for sure. .

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    Jungle Cake Strain. 5 seeds US$60.

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    https://s. fc-falcon">Detailed home grown reports of cannabis strain. Review are closed. ILoveGrowingMarijuana. "Cherry pie" cannabis grow diary (journal).

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    Black Cherry Punch is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Purple Punch X Black Cherry Pie strains. This strain review is about the Cherry Pie! THC level, yield, height, grow difficulty and more are discussed.

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The reasons people love it are – it has a really impressive aroma, and it tastes. But of the 3 seeds (Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake & GSC) the Cherry Pie and Wedding Cake both look and smoke like some of the best bud I’ve ever had. For example, while MSNL sells 10 White Widow seeds for around $42, ILGM sells 10 White Widow seeds for $118. The dense buds are also a visually exciting blend of orange and purple, making the entire process.

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. #8. Oct 11, 2022 · Cherry Pie's high is gentle on brain processes, allowing many people to have a clear mind while enjoying mood enhancements.

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