Brand new very rare Euro 02S 6-speed transmission for VW Mk4 Golf, Jetta, and New Beetle with 1. How to Change or Flush Transmission Fluid Step-by-Step 1. 5 GTI Facelift (2018-2021) Volkswagen: MK7. . .

Golf mk4 6 speed manual transmission


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Feb 21, 2016 · Assuming this is a manual shift, I would bet the bushings in the linkage going from the shifter to the transmission are worn out.

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Jul 27, 2014 · This should apply to any ~2009 or newer VW with a 6 speed manual transmission, including but not limited to: the 2010-2014 Golf TDI, Jetta TDI, Passat TDI, GTI, Beetle, and several others.

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. 5 02S 02J 5 to 6 speed manual Transmission Kit New OEM VW Mk5 Golf Jetta 2. $150. Enjoy the smell of GL4 gear oil while you change your manual transmission fluid.

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