The membership-based retailer is providing vaccines in five states and Puerto Rico, according to its. Our pharmacies are administering COVID-19 vaccines and dispensing oral COVID-19 treatments; product availability varies by location. . . S. .

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Oct 3, 2022 · The cost of a flu shot without insurance will depend on where you go and the kind of shot you need, but it typically ranges from $25 to $110 out of pocket.

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When a price tag. Free and low-cost flu vaccine options may be available from local health centers and. . Another brand name for the Tdap vaccine is Adacel , which costs as low as $52 with GoodRx.

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Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices. Show your Costco card to the participating pharmacy and receive your CMPP discount. How can I get a Covid-19 vaccine at Costco? Costco Wholesale is involved in the roll-out of the vaccine in Alaska and Washington State and will eventually expand to all states.